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Hervé and Jill welcome you to their Gites but also 'Chez Fartix' on  the slopes.

On a beautiful day you can enjoy the south facing panoramic terrace, deck-chairs galore! otherwise there is a warm, cosy room to eat and drink.

Situated on the Col D'Arrondaz, access is by the chairlift 'Envers Col' or  at the bottom of the 'Crete' piste.

Panoramic view, relaxed  athmosphere,  try Hervés'  home made liqueur  named after the French word for ski wax   'Fart' !!!

Believe us, you will ski faster....

Facebook posts :


Drey Audrey :

An excellent welcome by Hervé and his team ! A perfect stop off for a bite to eat or a drink, Vin Chaud, the best in the resort.

Julien : Very friendly and welcoming team
If you do not have a sense of humor, don't come.


Mehdi : La Gourmandie 'Chez Fartix' is a must visit.

Hervé : For people with beards, and the others.

 Alex :: Ask for a 'Fart' small drink which invigorates especially on cold days...

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